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How To Choose The Appropriate Roof Window For Your Home

Letting in natural light, creating a useable attic space and aesthetic appeal are just some of the advantages of installing roof windows. The installation process however is a little more complicated than choosing what looks good no your neighbours house. If you still don’t know where to purchase the windows in the first place, make Farko your first choice. Their experts will help you through the choosing and installation process. Meanwhile, there are a few considerations to keep foremost in your mind when choosing the most appropriate installation.

Roof Pitch

Sometimes it isn’t a question of which roof window to install but rather if you should install one at all. The ideal roof pitch is between 15 and 90 degrees. Anything less than the 15 degree mark means that rain water and snow won’t drain properly, causing ingresses in your home.

Roof Window Height

Ideally, roof windows from Farko should be between 90 and 130 centimetres. There is still the option of installing a higher window to let in more natural light with bottom handle window varieties. The top-flap options are also good but the high flap may limit usability in tight spaces. If you want to install the window higher than 130cm, it is still possible as long as you get a window with an electric opener.

Existing Roofing Materials

Fortunately, this is not much of an issue with Farko Home roof widows. These products are compatible with virtually all types of roofs. You may want to inquire about metal roofs with standing seams as these can sometimes cause complications during the installation process.

Roof Window Position

If you are installing multiple roof windows, the major piece of advice is to choose the same type and size windows. As far as positioning goes, aesthetics largely determine the best option. You may choose to install the windows one on top of another, as stand alone units or next to each other. An architect or interior designer can offer some advice based on the type, size and layout of your home.

The most important factor is to purchase from a reputable roof window manufacturer and supplier. Roof windows from Farko are preferable because of their high-quality construction and wide range of styles and options. Additionally, the professionals take you through the process to ensure that you not only choose the best window, but also that it is properly installed.